Managing Client Data

Learn more about submitting Merge Requests, recording Services Provided, using Associated Disasters, designating Head of Households and attaching electronic files to a client record.

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1 What happens to client data once recovery efforts are completed? (Hot!)
2 Client Registry: What does 'Submit and View' Reports do? (Hot!)
3 How do I submit a Merge Request? (Hot!)
4 What information is entered for the Head of Household and what should only be entered into the dependants? (Hot!)
5 How to use the case Follow-Up Manager (Hot!)
6 Why can't you just enter a Service Provided or referral in the Case Notes? (Hot!)
7 Is there a way to edit Case Notes, Services Provided or Referrals? (Hot!)
8 How could our agency import Field-based Client Data? (Hot!)
9 How do I remove myself as the assigned case manager for a client? (Hot!)
10 When is a new Assocaited Disaster created? (Hot!)
11 Importing Client Data with the Disaster Needs Database (Hot!)
12 Understanding the Case Manager Assignment (Hot!)
13 Requesting Case Manager Assignment (Hot!)
14 Using the Household Structure to manage cases (Hot!)
15 How do I respond to a Case Transfer Request? (Hot!)
16 Case Transfers Reports (Hot!)
17 Archiving and Retrieving Archived Records (Hot!)
18 What is the Household Tool? (Hot!)
19 How do I make a client a Head of Household? (Hot!)
20 What files may I attach to a client record? (Hot!)
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