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Learn how to create a new account, reset passwords, update your email address, or understand more about Regional Portals.

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1 How do I create a new User Account? (Hot!)
2 I sent in my Confidentiality Agreement, but my account is not active (Hot!)
3 Changing password, verifying my email address and the Security Question (Hot!)
4 How do I manage my User Profile? (Hot!)
5 What is a "non-unique" email address? (Hot!)
6 What is Resource Only Access? (Hot!)
7 What is a Regional Portal? (Hot!)
8 How is access to Regional Portals granted? (Hot!)
9 Which Browsers are Supported? (Hot!)
10 How do individuals register on CAN? (Hot!)
11 How can I have my login information sent to me? (Hot!)
12 What are the requirements for account passwords? (Hot!)
13 Why can I no longer access CAN? (Hot!)
14 What Web browsers are supported? (Hot!)
15 What is“The Network” concept (Hot!)
16 What is a Security Question? (Hot!)
17 How to Update an Email Address (Hot!)
18 What street address do I use on my User Account? (Hot!)