Tracking Mold Remediation

CAN: Mold Remediation Fields
A field for Mold Remediation under Disaster Related Needs was added to the Intake tab to indicate the need for assistance with the remediation and/or repair of property due to mold-related damage. A corresponding (MR) Mold Remediation status drop down was also added to the Recovery Plan tab under Recovery Needs sub-section to track the ongoing status of this need.

The Recovery Needs status is updated whenever there is a change; however, the Disaster Related Needs check box should remain unchanged for reporting purposes. The two fields allow agencies to report on the impact and unmet needs to improve the availability of resources to close identified gaps in services. These fields should only be used on the Primary Case Record and not across all members of the household structure.

These new fields were first deployed to support Catholic Charities Community Services, Archdiocese of New York, serving clients impacted by Hurricane Sandy managed by the grant-funded Disaster Case Management Program administered by the state.