How do I delete Case Notes?

Case Notes may not be deleted or edited by any user—including the system administrator. Great care should be taken when entering data into the Case Notes field as that information will be a permanent part of the client record.

  • If information is mistakenly entered on the wrong client record but does not contain any identifying client data, create another Case Note to address the error. Contact the Assigned Case Manager if appropriate.
  • If sensitive or inappropriate information is saved on a client record, work with your agency POC to determine if the situation should be addressed by CAN staff. Contact if there are any questions.

More about Case Notes

Case Notes were designed to capture a wide range of case management infomraiton such as:

  • Describe progress and outcomes
  • Explain an entry in other portions of the client record (e.g. Why a service provided does not fulfill a need)
  • Explain a special need
  • Explain an action taken on the client’s behalf
  • Identify the agency associated with a generic service documented in referrals or services provided

Users should only share objective information required to assist a client to access services. Do not share information that may prejudice others against the client or violate the privacy of a client.

From the Client Registry, the Case Notes field will always appear as an empty form field so additional Case Notes could be entered.  Case Notes may be viewed from the Case History.