How do I create a new User Account?

Once an agency has completed the participation process and it is approved, users are then eligible to register for user accounts. The agency Point of Contact (POC) should work with its staff to inform them on how to register for user accounts and sign up for training. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Before you register for a user account, the Confidentiality Agreement must be completed, signed and faxed to 866-810-4526. Please work with your agency's POC to complete this form.
  2. Create a user account. If your agency is not listed under Affiliated Agency on the New User Registration form, please confirm with your POC that the Participation Packet was approved. Follow all onscreen instructions and select Register when complete.
  3. Verify email address. A link will be sent in account verification email when the account is created.
  4. Wait for user account activation email. Typically, this process takes 2-3 days.
  5. Register for technology training. (This can be done at anytime and is independent of any approval process.)

Note: accounts are activated within three business days of CAN receiving both the online registration and faxed Confidentiality Agreement. User accounts are not processed until an agency’s Participation Packet is approved (for new agencies only).

If you experience an error while creating an account, do not create a second new user account. Two accounts with the same email address will prevent both accounts from accessing the CAN Recovery Tools as a unique email address is required for each user account.