How do I submit a Merge Request?

A merge request is only made when important client information exists in two records for the identical client. If one of the client records does not contain useful information, simply change the Case Status to "Duplicate" and it will be auto archived within 7 days.

To submit a Merge Request, the Assigned Case Manager should submit a support ticket with the following information:

  • Full names of BOTH client records and Client IDs
  • The primary client record should be clearly identified
  • The Case Manager assignment for BOTH client records must match in order for the system to process the request. Please assign yourself to the case if no CM is assigned.

The following must match on BOTH client records:

  • Date of Birth
  • Date Release Signed
  • Case Manager Assigned

Note: When marking the Case Status Duplicate, be sure to check the CAS Narrative field on the CM tab. When this field contains information, and the rest of the record does not contain significant case management information, a merge request should be requested to retain the CAS Narrative.